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What HR Wants You To Know This Valentine’s Day

Feb 14 2017

I love my HR network. For over 15 years I have been a strategist, co-leader, influencer and career coach for Mentor HR, an award-wining, competitive leadership and professional development program for HR Professionals in Northern Virginia. It continues to be a highly gratifying experience that I volunteer my time for, and I have a great network of highly skilled HR professionals, many of whom I call friends. So I thought this month, let's show them some love and appreciation. I asked top HR professionals a timely question:

FebruaryWhat do you wish employees knew about HR this Valentine's Day?

“That HR's true focus is on helping an organization to achieve its mission vs. simply being “pro-employee” or “pro-management”.

Ann, HR Specialist, Federal Government

“That the HR profession goes beyond the most obvious HR activities like benefits, employee relations, onboarding and offboarding. Many of us have technology management skills that allow us to build and manage complex amounts of data that are critical to the success of the business. Also, HR professionals are people too! At times we are the bearers of unpleasant news, and we can do without the destructive remarks and comments.”

-Chloe, HR Director, Consulting

“HR has the tough role of balancing both the needs of the employee and the organization. Some employees think HR always sides with management, but a good HR practitioner works to balance the needs of both -- being a voice for employees, while mitigating risk for the employer and in the end, helping improve the relationship in order to achieve a productive and engaging work environment. HR often has to play a key role in difficult situations, such as terminations, but it is important to help make those transitions as smooth as possible for both sides, keeping in mind the human aspect, as well as the business needs.”

-Alicia, Sr. HR Business Partner, NonprofitHR


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